We are so blessed.

We are so blessed.

I was watching my baby daughter, Georgia, snooze away this chilly afternoon while I begrudgingly went through bills. My husband is our only source of income, so we are always looking for ways to save. With six kiddos, however, it ain’t easy. Everyday my mind races with thoughts of returning to work, taking a class or some kind of hustle. Then one kiss from my sweet babe wipes all those thoughts from my crammed mind. My time with her is a gift, and I shall cherish it. For she will grow up and away, and work will always be there. My older children are growing faster than I can stand it. I can only try to hold on to the memory of their childhoods while they run furiously towards adulthood. My oldest graduates this year, and it’s been one of the most proud/painful periods in my life. It’s a bittersweet feeling. If baby Georgia had not been born fifteen months ago, I would be working full time right now for sure. But my Heavenly Father had another plan for me, for us. I must trust Him always. 



3 thoughts on “We are so blessed.

  1. I stayed home with my 4 kiddos for 14 years. No question we would be more comfortable financially if I had stayed at work, but I long for those days again. My baby is 10 and my oldest a freshman in college. I would not trade those years at home for a million dollars. Enjoy! God Bless!


  2. There are days when I want to contribute to the household income, but my husband and I agree that home is where I belong for now. My oldest graduated high school last May and my youngest is six (I homeschool). They do grow up so fast, and I know that before too long I will be able to work, so I try to enjoy every day that I am home with my boys.


  3. Praying you can really enjoy the special moments with your youngest, especially knowing first hand how quickly things pass. You have a special gift in having the ‘hindsight’ while you do it all again.


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