Spring Weather

Spring Weather

I love the seasons in Kansas. It’s part of the reason we moved here in the first place. 

  {My sweet boys…they worked hard on their snow people.}

It was a bitterly cold February, one filled with inches of snow and below zero wind chills. Although it was still sometimes sunny, I was indoors quite a bit this winter. Today, however, is soooo beautiful! 

{View from my side door}

It’s 73 degrees!!! This morning, little Georgia and I went to Mass. Thank goodness for the cry room. She’s fifteen months old and all that jazz. She will not sit still. She wants to climb over, under, and around the pews. It’s not so bad since on weekdays like today I usually have the cry room to myself, but on any given Sunday it takes help from everyone in the family to keep her wrangled. 

{Miss Georgia sporting her zebra print at Mass this morning}

I can report that she is very quiet during Holy Communion. She likes to look around and she always gets a pat on the head from our parish priest. 

We are definitely hitting the park after school today! I can’t wait to get out there and soak up the sun! What are you doing in your beautiful life today? 



One thought on “Spring Weather

  1. We love the change of seasons here in MA too..although this winter has been a long one! There were bets that the snow would remain until June, but after a few 50 degree days..I saw green grass today!


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