Missing Seth

Missing Seth

I haven’t blogged in a while. At first I was blaming it on being busy, but it’s not true. Then my world was shaken. Violently. My dearly beloved nephew, only twenty years old, was struck and killed by a train on June 12. I’ve never experienced anything so painful. I’m trying to hold it together, but he’s in my thoughts constantly. You see, I was mad at him. He wasn’t doing the right thing, ya’ll. He was on the wrong path. But he was a good soul. He was kind and loving. His death has left us in shock and left me longing to understand: why? My brother and his wife are hurting so badly. I can barely look at my sweet brother without crying. My nephew was an only child, one they had tried for years to conceive. This road they must now travel, without him, is full of hurt, loss, and bewilderment. How can I begin to help them through this pain? I am in a constant state of prayer as I try to understand Gods plan for our family.

If you have a loved one who is hard to love, or if you find yourself having difficulty forgiving someone, especially a family member, seek help. Don’t stay angry at anyone. Love them anyway. That is what they need. Try to reach out to them. I would give anything to tell him I love him one more time, for him to walk in and say it was all a mistake. None of us are perfect, and we never know when we will be called Home. Give yourself the peace of knowing that you have shown your love to this person, because they deserve it. So do you. 

I love you, Seth. Forever.



6 thoughts on “Missing Seth

  1. Beautifully heartbreaking. God bless you and your family. I will include you in my prayer intentions, and also prayers for the repose of Seth’s soul. This must have been so painful to write. Peace be with you.


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