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I have been so lazy about blogging lately! The summer has been a hard one this year. With my dear nephew passing away, it has been hard to focus on writing or even planning on writing. I definitely have drawn close to God and have been enveloping myself in prayer. Some days the pain isn’t so bad, then others I can hardly breathe when I think of him.

But I must carry on, for my children’s sake.  They are also sad, but I must set the example that life goes on, and that if we live Godly lives we will be reunited with Seth in Heaven. I wrote about this in my last article at Catholic Stand. My faith has been a wonderful comfort during this difficult time.

On happier note, we are getting ready for the new school year. The boys are returning to Catholic school, but my girls are all making huge transitions this year. Kyla is heading to college! We move her into her dorm Sunday. I am happy for her and proud of her well-deserved scholarship, but boy, am I going to miss her. She’s been with me since I was eighteen, and its going to be hard walking out of the dorm without her.IMG_1771

Leah is beginning high school and a new cheer team! JoEllen is beginning middle school and is a brand new cheerleader. She is also planning on playing volleyball. My boys are playing soccer, which is the only sport they’ve really shown any interest. They will also be doing 4-H this year, which I am really excited about for them.

I am planning on returning to daily Mass once school resumes. I will be again teaching PSR to high school girls in our parish, a job I am so very privileged to hold. I am super blessed to write for Catholic Stand and blog about faithful living. My fellow Catholic writer  (who is also my editor), and fellow blogger over at The Catholic Working Mother is having an incredible giveaway! Check out her blog and enter to win!

I would like to post a fave bible verse with every blog entry. Today I have chosen PS.24:17: From my necessities deliver me, oh Lord.

Do you have any you would like to share?

God bless you and your family this week!


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