Summertime Fun & Preschool Planning!

Summertime Fun & Preschool Planning!

Summer is going great here at The Reep’s! The kids are taking it easy and spending lazy days in the sun. Our sweet daughter JoEllen has turned fourteen. She is such a blessing to our family.IMG_0001.JPG

Georgia is three years old and can begin preschool this fall. We have gone ahead and started her on piano lessons. She is three weeks in already. We also downloaded a new app for her to play with while learning. Kidloland is an interactive preschool app that is fun for toddlers 2-5 years old. Georgia felt like such a big girl holding an iPhone!


The app is easy to use, for both parent and child.  There are several different areas of study for your toddler to enjoy. They include: seasons, time, colors, shapes, numbers, alphabet games, and nursery rhymes, just to name a few!

Georgia was especially fascinated with the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme. I’m not sure why, but it stood out as one of her favorites! The singer that is featured in the app has a lovely voice. DSCN1136[1]Georgia loved singing along and rhyming. It was adorable watching her learn! I recorded her playing Kidloland on my YouTube channel: Raising The Reeps. Be sure to stop by and subscribe! If you would like to try Kidloland, follow these links:


Google Play Store:

Amazon App Store:

I highly recommend it! We have been playing and learning with it daily and I am amazed how fast she is learning!

Thanks for catching up with us! I will be posting a summer update again soon. Have a blessed week!





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