Winter Update and…The Baby!

Winter Update and…The Baby!

Oh, you guys! I feel awful. My poor blog is so neglected. I’m realizing I haven’t blogged in months! I haven’t introduced you to our new family member:

Christian Gabriel was born August 9, 2016. He weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces. He was 21 inches long.

Now, he’s a five month old bundle of energy! He keeps me busy, along with Georgia. She just turned three and is still a princess!

We had a blessed Christmas and attended our first midnight mass. Our son Anthony has been serving as an altar boy quite frequently and he had the privilege to serve on that Holy Night.

Kyla has returned for her final semester of school before earning her associate degree this spring. We are so proud. She is such a blessing!

Thank you for sticking with me, dear readers. With seven children and my column at Catholic Stand,Ā it’s difficult to stay on schedule blogging. I do apologize. I pray you and your family had a blessed Christmas season. Here is to a glorious spring! šŸŒ·

Life ChangesĀ 

Life ChangesĀ 

I have been so busy with life in general. I plan to write often, yet I always get sidetracked by my mom duties. I am so very blessed to report that we are expecting a new baby in August! It will be our seventh, our third boy.  

My pregnancy so far has been manageable, and by that I mean no debilitating morning sickness. I have been sick , but nothing like I have been and can be! Praise God!

We had a mini vacation at the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City a couple of weeks ago. We had a “splashingly” good time! Georgia did not care to swim very much but I think she enjoyed the hotel room. The boys loved the slides and pools.  

We ate at Dave and Busters and played at the arcade. I wish I could have taken more water park pics, but it was just too wet!

Our oldest daughter is home for the summer after a successful freshman year at college. She has earned another cheer scholarship for next year. We are so proud!

Sunday we celebrated Pentacost and I personally feel a closer pull to the Holy Spirit. This past year has been hard emotionally. So many changes. People have died, people have been created. Thanks be to God.

Please visit my articles for Catholic Stand. I hope you enjoy!

God bless you!

Fall planningĀ 

Fall planningĀ 

I’m an terrible blogger. I get ideas for my blog and never follow through. Perhaps my creativity is forever stifled, or I may be a bit depressed. Fall is here, and it’s quite beautiful. I love the seasons in the Midwest, that’s partly why we moved here from Florida. However, I already know it’s not the weather that has me feeling blue. It’s the huge hole that is/will be here during the holidays. Seth is gone. Everyday I cry for him. I know it’s normal and it’s only been five months. But it hurts like hell. 

I won’t be downtrodden or anything around my kids, because they are hurting to but still need the peace of Christmas and the positivity of the New Year. 

We are preparing for Thanksgiving, my second favorite holiday. I bought this big guy yesterday:

He’s about twenty five pounds. I’m hoping he will give us leftovers, because with eight people feasting like mad, it tends to leave nothing behind. 

I am humbled to report that my husband cooks our turkeys and has since we first were married.  I help with side dishes and clean up. I am hoping to make green bean casserole for the first time ever! Also, I plan on making a homemade apple pie or two. Wish me luck! 

I have been praying about some major decisions in my life. Things that are serious and very past due need to be acted upon. I’m asking for your prayers for strength and resilience. Sometimes taking that first step takes months, even years. I have to learn to trust God all the time. Thank you!

What are your holiday plans this year? Travel? Cooking? Please share them with me. 

Thank you for staying around to read me, and for your patience. Please see my newest article for Catholic Stand here:

God bless you!

Back to Blogging

Back to Blogging

I have been so lazy about blogging lately! The summer has been a hard one this year. With my dear nephew passing away, it has been hard to focus on writing or even planning on writing. I definitely have drawn close to God and have been enveloping myself in prayer. Some days the pain isn’t so bad, then others I can hardly breathe when I think of him.

But I must carry on, for my children’s sake.Ā  They are also sad, but I must set the example that life goes on, and that if we live Godly lives we will be reunited with Seth in Heaven. I wrote about this in myĀ last articleĀ at Catholic Stand. My faith has been a wonderful comfort during this difficult time.

On happier note, we are getting ready for the new school year. The boys are returning to Catholic school, butĀ my girls are all making huge transitions this year. Kyla is heading to college! We move her into her dorm Sunday. I am happy for her and proud of her well-deserved scholarship, but boy, am I going to miss her.Ā She’s been with me since I was eighteen, and its going to be hard walking out of the dorm without her.IMG_1771

Leah is beginning high school and a new cheer team! JoEllen is beginning middle school and is a brand new cheerleader. She is also planning on playing volleyball. My boys are playing soccer, which is the only sport they’ve really shown any interest. They will also be doing 4-H this year, which I am really excited about for them.

I am planning on returning to daily Mass once school resumes. I will be again teaching PSR to high school girls in our parish, a job I am so very privileged to hold. I am super blessed to write for Catholic Stand and blog about faithful living. My fellow CatholicĀ writer Ā (who is also my editor), and fellow blogger over atĀ The Catholic Working Mother is having an incredible giveaway! Check out her blog and enter to win!

I would like to post a fave bible verse with every blog entry. Today I have chosen PS.24:17: From my necessities deliver me, oh Lord.

Do you have any you would like to share?

God bless you and your family this week!

Missing Seth

Missing Seth

I haven’t blogged in a while. At first I was blaming it on being busy, but it’s not true. Then my world was shaken. Violently. My dearly beloved nephew, only twenty years old, was struck and killed by a train on June 12. I’ve never experienced anything so painful. I’m trying to hold it together, but he’s in my thoughts constantly. You see, I was mad at him. He wasn’t doing the right thing, ya’ll. He was on the wrong path. But he was a good soul. He was kind and loving. His death has left us in shock and left me longing to understand: why? My brother and his wife are hurting so badly. I can barely look at my sweet brother without crying. My nephew was an only child, one they had tried for years to conceive. This road they must now travel, without him, is full of hurt, loss, and bewilderment. How can I begin to help them through this pain? I am in a constant state of prayer as I try to understand Gods plan for our family.

If you have a loved one who is hard to love, or if you find yourself having difficulty forgiving someone, especially a family member, seek help. Don’t stay angry at anyone. Love them anyway. That is what they need. Try to reach out to them. I would give anything to tell him I love him one more time, for him to walk in and say it was all a mistake. None of us are perfect, and we never know when we will be called Home. Give yourself the peace of knowing that you have shown your love to this person, because they deserve it. So do you. 

I love you, Seth. Forever.


The Art of Homemaking

The Art of Homemaking

      I love to watch old episodes of “The Brady Bunch” and “Leave it to Beaver.” The happy, content mothers who were all too happy to don a full skirt and heels only to clean her home all day. Now, in all honesty, I think we all know Carol Brady not only did not work, she did not clean! What did she do all day???

      In today’s world ( and real life) we (homemakers) are probably not dressed up during our M-F work week. I know I only dress up for church or other formal occasions. As a matter of fact, while I am at home cleaning I just want to be comfortable. 

      Homemaking is an art, no matter what you are wearing. We take great pride in our work, and our families appreciate it. Since it is a never- ending task (around here anyway) I am so grateful to know that there is help available! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle sale begins today! The bundle is filled with information regarding all aspects of homemaking. Cleaning, cooking and organizational tips galore! The bundle includes several books and resources at a discount. This sale is only a week long, so check it out today:

      Ultimate Homemaking Bundle


      This valuable bundle will help you save time and energy! Have a wonderful day!


      Changes…did you notice?

      Changes…did you notice?

      So…after some researching I discovered my blog name, “A Heart Full”, was already taken not once, but several times over. In all honesty, it was kind of a common name and I should have known better. Although I love to write, I am not very good at naming things. So in the name of simplicity, I am keeping it short, sweet and unique. Welcome to my newly named blog, Raising The Reeps! It is only a name change, and better fitting as far as what I am writing about here. I am also going to begin a vlog!  It will also be called “Raising The Reeps.” YouTube is a great way to help promote an at-home business. As a new Beachbody coach and blogger, I want to spread my wings! I cannot say I am not nervous about it, but without trying I will never know my full potential!

      Holy Week was quite eventful at our home. We were all struck down with a horribly unrelenting virus that still lingers today. I have four sick children at home. Only two were well enough for school today. I was sick on Easter Sunday, and could not function enough to participate in the wonderful activities we had planned. The children still dyed their eggs, but it was sheer willpower that got us through. 




      I sincerely hope your Easter was a glorious one. I am rejoicing in this beautiful new season He has given us. The readings for today especially touched my heart:

      Psalm 105

      Give praise to the Lord,proclaim his name;
          make known among the nations what he has done.
      Sing to him, sing praise to him;
          tell of all his wonderful acts.
      Glory in his holy name;
          let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.
      Look to the Lord and his strength;

          seek his face always.

      Isn’t this beautiful? Even in sickness and other times of turmoil in my life, there will always be a bible verse that can turn my day around. His strength sustains me, always. 

      I want to thank you, readers, for sticking with me through these changes. Your support means so much to me. What do you think of the name change? Yay or nay?